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Project Experience
Aerial Firefighting
Aerial Forest Protection in Hubei Province in November 2016
In September 2017, air forest protection was carried out in Liaoning Province
Airline Forest Protection in Xianning, Hubei Province, November 2017
Forest Protection in Xianning, Hubei Province, January 2018
Forest Protection in Xianning, Hubei Province March 2018
July 2018, Forest Protection of the Genhe River in Inner Mongolia
Helicopter Powerline Inspection
From June to November 2015, helicopter powerline inspection operations was carried out in Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan and Jiangxi for National Grid
In September 2016, the "Binjin Line", "Jinsu Line"and Fufeng Line"helicopter powerline inspection operations were carried out for the National Grid
In January 2018, a three-year cooperation agreement was signed with heliservice in Hong Kong to implement powerline inspection operations.
June-november 2018. the Northeast powerline inspection operations. for the State Grid.
In January 2019, a helicopter power patrol operation was carried out for the State Grid in southern China( Hunan).
Participation in Air Shooting of Changing China in 2019
In 2014, I participated in the aerial shooting of the movie "Golden Brigadier"
In 2014, MD902 carries out official flights of Huizhou Global Migratory Bird Resort Hotel
Helicopter Private Training in Yangjiang Base in 2014
Training helicopter power inspectors for China Southern Power Grid Corporation in 2015
Starting in 2015, patrol operation of Binjin Line, Jinsu Line and Fufeng Line for State Grid has been carried out.
In 2016, China Southern Airlines Forest Protection Station signed an air forest protection agreement, and gradually began to carry out throughout the country.Aviation Forestry Protection .