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We focus on designing and building career development plans for all kinds of employees, providing continuous learning opportunities for their sustainable development, encouraging employees to selectively develop their careers in various directions such as management, marketing and professional technology, and establishing a multi-level, multi-gradient and multi-directional talent echelon training mechanism within enterprises. To provide a platform for people with ability to display their talents and release energy.
Salary and Welfare Provided by the Company

1. Compensation: According to the company's post compensation system, flexible salary should be formulated according to the post, so that the people who create value can obtain the corresponding wealth.

2. Bonus: According to the nature of the Department and the provisions of the salary appraisal system, the corresponding positions are given incentive bonuses.

3. Other welfare benefits: old-age insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, housing provident fund, free physical examination, vacation travel, communication subsidy, travel subsidy, holiday consolation fund...

The company cooperates with Intelligence Union, the future is secure, and the Environmental Protection Talent Network to screen and recruit talents on a regular basis. If you have any human resources problems, you can contact the Human Resources Department of the company.


Contact information

Contact person: Ms. Deng

Contact information: mailbox: ierec-hr@ierec.    com zip code: 518067


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Technological post (enrollment position 2019) (J10308)

1. College degree or above in automation, electronics, radio, electrical appliances, computer or mechatronics.

2. At least 3 years in junior college and 2 years in MCU programming experience in bachelor's degree.

3. Experience in developing microcontroller, embedded hardware, etc.


Skills and Skills Requirements

1. Familiar with digital and analog circuits, familiar with the performance and design of various components, solid professional knowledge of electronic power and strong hands-on ability, familiar with the characteristics and applications of various electronic components;

2. Proficiency in using circuit design software Altium Designer or other circuit design software; Basic knowledge of PCB wiring for multilayer board.

3. Familiar with EMC and CMI design of circuit system, can understand basic embedded related English materials, such as IC manual.